Book Review: The Princess of a Whorehouse by Mayank Sharma


Title: Princess of a Whorehouse

Author: Mayank Sharma

Publisher: NotionPress

Series: Standalone

Genre:  Fiction

Pages: 98

Format: Paperback

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Book Synopsis:

Aparajita is a tenacious go-getter. Her name means unconquerable in Sanskrit, and she lives up to its meaning.

Just like any other ambitious girl, she desires to fulfil her dreams and become an independent individual. Far and wide, the shadow of her melancholy past chases her passage. The fact that her widowed mother is a former sex worker irks the community. Nonetheless, she is not ashamed to reveal her mother’s past.

Will she lose hope, or will she defy an enigma that is centuries-old? Will she ever conquer the hearts of a prestige-obsessed community?

See the world through Aparajita’s prism in a tale stirred by some real life events.

This book is about:

A girl names Aparajita who encountered a series of unfortunate events in her life. She lost her father in an accident and her mother was a school dropout and was so gullible that she absent mindedly signed a deed which she had no idea what was written on it. And desperate times calls for desperate measures, her mother became a sex slave to earn money which was not that much since they were somewhat a prisoner in that whorehouse. But her luck changed when her mum met Raj and you’ll follow Aparajita’s struggle in finding herself and in trying to fit in the society where her mother’s past wasn’t well accepted and a society where her kind isn’t welcome at all.

My Review:

Note: this book was sent to me by the Author himself and in exchange I’ll be giving my honest review.

I’m quite certain that it was on twitter where Mr. Mayank asked me to review his book before we discussed other matters concerning my review via email.

The book Title doesn’t look that engaging. I myself isn’t easily offended by these types of books but if you would consider the people who aren’t comfortable with abuse and stuff this would be unappealing to them and they won’t really try to look at it even though the title is just a phase of the character’s life.

The book was super short. The story is fast paced. And because of this it was quite hard for me to like develop any feeling whatsoever towards the book since it didn’t give that much exposure to certain parts of the main character’s story. Also the title was somehow misleading since it emits one of these two thoughts:

*Oh! So she’s a high ranked whore of some sort

*is she like the one who manages the whorehouse?

And none of those were inclined to the story. And the story’s main points were the women being sex slaves and how society perceives women who were held captive against their will and how their past will continuously haunt them for the rest of their life. And not only them but their offspring but the main point here I guess was that even the most damaged souls and the most abused people just needs hope that one day they’ll get up from the tragedies they faced.

✅Dialogues: quite okay. Except for the occasional typos I encountered.

✅Characters: the characters here were really good though even though they just had a small time to like expand or show more of themselves since the book was too short.  Raj was the nicest character I’ve read in this book. A person that’s willing to look past the flaws of the person he loves and accepting and taking responsibility for the child his lover has.

✅Plot: I’m not completely sold to the idea of the plot here since the title was really misleading.

✅Flow of the story: it wasn’t that smooth though. The transition from Aparajita being in primary school to college was too fast it didn’t really have the enough time to tackle more of the societal issues that was shown in this book.

✅Detailing: was okay.

It was an okay read. Not really that overwhelming but the message in the story is really good. Kinda mainstream but really good.




Book Review: The Special Dead by Lin Anderson


Title: The Special Dead

Author: Lin Anderson

Series: Rhona McLeod Mystery

Genre: Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery

Pages: 400

Format: Paperback

Review is also posted on: Goodreads


When Mark is invited back to Leila’s flat and ordered to strip, he expects the experience of his life. Waking later to find Leila gone, he opens the wrong door and finds he’s entered a nightmare; behind the swaying Barbie dolls that hang from the ceiling is the body of the girl he just had sex with. Rhona Macleod’s investigation reveals the red silk cord used to hang Leila to be a cingulum, a Wiccan artifact used in sex magick. Sketches of sexual partners hidden in the dolls provide a link to nine men, but who are they? As the investigation continues, it looks likely that other witches will be targeted too. Also investigating is newly demoted DS Michael McNab, eager to stay sober and redeem himself with Rhona, but the case threatens his resolve. Soon McNab realizes Freya may hold the key to identifying the men linked to the dolls, but the Nine will do anything to keep their identities a secret.

This book is about:

The gruesome murder of Leila Hardy. Who was found in her flat lifeless, but the peculiar thing about her death is that she was surrounded by dolls that were hanging from the ceiling… and she was hanged as well. Dr. McLeod is on the case along with McNab to find out who murdered Leila Hardy and what was the significance of the dolls on the crime scene? and after their investigation they found out that Leila had an unusual hobby… practicing witch craft with her friend Shannon. Obviously it wasn’t really the real thing much more like a thing they do and they believe in. while the case is still being solved, Shannon was dead in her flat as well but it can’t be ruled out as suicide since she was sitting on a stool and was obviously drowned to death… another weird way to kill someone (the making her sit on a stool part.) the thing that comes to mind to these investigators are, to kill a witch you need to Hang her, Drown her or Burn her. Two of those happened already and as they were slowly finding out who the murderer was another body was found but it wasn’t a person deemed to be a witch but was also hard to identify since his face was disfigured. And now they have to hustle to find out who the killer is before he or she finds another victim.

My Review:

Note: this book was sent to me as a review copy by the Author herself in exchange for an honest review.

I found out about The Special Dead via Twitter… that’s not a surprise haha. And since I love Murder Mysteries I was instantly intrigued when I read the synopsis of this book.

When I saw the book cover though I was really drawn to it and the physical copy looks super good the cover is super clear and so lovely to look at. And I can really say that this would be a book that would grab my attention if I see it in a bookstore.

The synopsis was quite straight forward it was clear and not vague at all. Since there are some books that give synopsis that you’ll get nothing out of it whatsoever and the synopsis on this book gives a good flow on what will go on the book and what you’ll look forward to.

The book was satisfying in a Moderate way, not that amazingly breathtaking and not that dull or boring. The story is still the same as any mainstream murder mystery. With finding the victim and trying to find the murderer up until the last chapter of the book. The beginning of the book was quite interesting for me since Leila (the victim) did some sort of weird ritual while having sex with a guy… which you’ll soon understand why she did that… she’s a witch. (not in a literal sense more like a hobby type of witch) but when I reached the middle part of the book I sorta lost my interest, not sure why though but it took me forever to get pass the middle chapters. The book though had some romantic aspects in it but it didn’t seem to work for the book’s plot and it didn’t work for me. The detective’s investigation on the case interests me but the reoccurring romantic or cheesy parts lost my interest. Which is weird cause I’m usually not picky on what happens on these types of books but for some reason it just didn’t feel right on this book. And I’m still quite confused though this is the first Rhona McLeod book that I’ve read but it seems like McNab was the main character and not McLeod. And book got me quite worked up actually. So I’m guessing that the characters in this book had a case on the last book (book before this one) and if you’re like me (reading this series for the first time) you won’t understand what was so serious about that case and why it keeps popping up in their conversations. It would’ve been much better if it was part of a series but you can still read it and feel like it was a standalone novel. Anyways I did enjoy the book besides the frustrating things that happened in the book it was still fun in a way and it was like watching Criminal Minds in book form.

✅Dialogues: The dialogues here were okay for me, but I’m not quite sure for readers who are starting to get into reading novels. Some words and terminologies on this book are quite deep and highfalutin. If you don’t have a dictionary you won’t get the conversation they’re having and this goes on until the end of the book. It would’ve gone smoothly if the author used much more reader friendly words.

✅Characters: I like McNab’s character. He drinks coffee… a lot. Much like me if I feel like in a caffeine mood. I like how persistent his character is in solving the case. And how charming he is at some point. But my issue with the characters is that McNab seems to overshadow McLeod’s character and that really annoys me characters specially the main ones should have a balance in those aspects. So maybe I would’ve like McLeod’s character if McNab didn’t like steal the spotlight in the Rhona McLeod novel.

✅Plot: the plot was great. A girl is found dead in her flat, detectives do their best to find the murderer, the body count of murdered people rises, and the killer may or may not have escaped the authorities *wink*

✅Flow of the story: Good. The transition from one character’s POV to another was smooth and besides the issue on romantic parts, everything was peachy.

✅Detailing: was exquisite, everything that was being spoke of like meals and such had specific descriptions so you can imagine it with ease.

The ending though was really… really… reeeeaaaallllyyy. Dissatisfying for me it was a cliffhanger and stuff. I just didn’t like it. But maybe you will. Remember we’re entitled to our own opinions and it really depends on the reader if you would like or not.

Quite good story. Something to pick up on a Murder Mystery reading mood.




Book Review: Tortured Minds by Grant Leishman, Collin Griffiths and Rachel McGrath

Title: Tortured Minds

Authors: Grant Leishman, Collin Griffiths, Rachel McGrath

Series: Stand Alone

Genre: Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller

Pages: 289

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis: *insert here*

This book is about:

Three friends who are Adrenaline Junkies and decided that Parcour is the next thing on their list. And tragedy strikes when Daniel falls to his death on top of a building. And now Daniel is stuck in some sort of spirit limbo where he’s still in the human realm rather than spiritual one. You’ll follow Daniel in… Let’s say his Quest to find out if his Death was an accident or was it planned by one of his super close friends. You’ll be on the edge, getting curiouser and curiouser….. as to who was the master mind in Daniel’s unfortunate death. And you’ll eventually find out who has the Tortured Minds.

My Review:

*Note: This book was sent to me by Mr. Grant in exchange for an honest review*

So again almost all the books that I reviewed. I literally found out about them on twitter and I got a little curious since Mr. Grant lives in the Philippines and I’ve never reached out or found an author that resided in the Philippines, well maybe there are tons but I just haven’t discovered them yet. So the thing that I was curious about, since Mr. Grant wrote paranormal books. I’m curious if he used the mythical creatures in the Philippines’ folklore and stuff.

The book cover looks quite intimidating in a way. But any psychological thriller reader would probably pick it up and see what it’s about.

Actually when I read the synopsis I was quite intrigued since there were three authors that collaborated in writing this book. And each author had his/her character to write about and they wrote the book in a way that if the first author came up with this plot twist the other author has to go with the flow and add some spice in it in their own way.

So the books was great. Well I liked how the story progresses it was smooth even though three authors wrote it. The book was interesting at the begging but the story kinda lost me in the middle parts. I mean the transition from each point of view was really smooth but the story not so much. And this book also regained my interest in the last few chapters not the ending though. But the unexpected twist and turns contributed to the book’s charms. At first the paranormal stuff was really grabbing my attention but it was lost when the paranormal being gave too much contact to the other characters like as if he was still alive. And I’m a super fan of paranormal stuff and those things well this is a work of fiction after all. But the things that happened isn’t well possible unless possession was involved which is not.

Dialogues: Good, there were some grammar mistakes but not that overwhelming.

Characters: So I really like the characters in this book. Like first they are somewhat innocent in a way but flashbacks show how pretentious they are or how manipulating they are.

Plot: was nice, a ghost that tries to find out who killed him. But  the way he made too much contact lost me.

Flow of the Story: the transition from one point of view to the other was smooth but the story line seems to be off in some point since there are three authors writing the book. It’s understandable.

Detailing:  was good.

Overall a very good psychological thriller book. It has great twist and turns with the minor setbacks of parts getting way off the plot and the ending was not that shocking it was really random to be honest.


Book Review: Reap Not The Dragon by Debra Kristi 

Title: Reap Not The Dragon

Author: Debra Kristi

Series: Age of the Hybrid Series (#2)

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 114

Format: Paperback 

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

This Book is about:

What happens after Kyra lost her memory and stuff. And the story is now told in Sebastian’s Point of View instead of Kyra’s. it’s how Kyra slowly regains her memories and how Marcus Starts collecting different kinds of dragons including Kyra’s Dragon. Marcus’ plan is to absorb each dragon’s power and become the Ultimate dragon. And even though Kyra lost her memory she still feels this strange connection with Sebastian and that’s why she takes the risks in meeting up with him. And Finally Kyra and Sebastian returns to The Mystic Carnival with an unexpected ending.

My Review:

*NOTE: This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. And if you haven’t read my first review of this series. I received a book compilation version of this series and I decided to read and review it separately*

The book cover of the book looks okay, not that grand but at least it shows you what the Author imagined her character to look like and I really like that.

The book was okay, I literally had a slow pace in reading this book. While reading the book I encountered chapters that were quite plain for me and since the story was now told in another POV it felt like I’m starting a new book and it seemed like a new world building book even though it was just told in Sebastian’s POV. But at least you can see Sebastian’s Character development in it. The book redeemed itself on the last seven chapters. It was action packed, exciting and thrilling. I would’ve thoroughly enjoyed the book this book if not only for those dull chapters in the middle of the book. Stories usually have this intense or captivating first chapters and will get dull and boring in the middle and gets its intensity back at the last few chapters. I just love Novels that constantly grabs your attention from the beginning until the end. This book was the first one.

Dialogues: were great, it was nice and I didn’t find any errors.

Characters: The good thing about this book is that if you like Sebastian you get to know him even more since everything is told in his perspective and you witness his character development. But that’s it. Good thing though is that Marcus is still a douche and there’s points for consistency.

Plot: was still okay, it was more on Sebastian’s search for Kyra – Finds her – gets beaten up by creatures – heals up in the fastest way possible…( fantasy books haha) and then rinse and repeat.

Flow of the Story: was great not that confusing or cluttered. But the middle chapters was really quite dull.

Detailing: was great as well.
Overall I still enjoyed this book not to the fullest degree but the ending is what got me really curious as to what happens next to Kyra and Sebastian. I hope that book three will redeem the whole series since in my experience even though books one and two doesn’t seem that special book three usually redeems the whole series and I want to find out if Plight of the Dragon will do that.


Book Review: Finding Hope by Claire Merchant

Title: Finding Hope

Author: Claire Merchant

Series: Standalone

Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Genre: Romance

Pages: 364

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis: 

What do you do when you lose the person dearest to you? How do you dare to live – let alone love, again? Hope Hadley’s answer to these questions is: you don’t. She returns reluctantly to her home town after five years of studying in another part of the country. Jensen, her uncle and only family, is relieved that she’s back but Hope has only one thing on her mind: to get through life one day at a time, with as little emotion as possible. Hope doesn’t take into account that life has a way of happening regardless of whether one is an active participant or not. Her strategy to keep all emotional attachments at arm’s length works for a while. That is, until she meets Damon.

This Book Is About: 

How a girl finds hope even when a certain tragic event happened to her when she was still young. Hope Hadley comes back to South Coast after five year. Five years of avoiding the memory of the person she loves the most. But she has to come back home to her only family left, her Uncle Jay. Eventually Hope got a job as a receptionist in a hospital where she happily busied herself with. Trying her hardest not to remember. But everything changed when she saw a guy with such alluring blue eyes, Damon. This guy is a wreck much like Hope but in a different level, will these two keep their promise to each other that they’ll only be “friends” nothing more and nothing less? Can Hope keep her promise to herself that she will not be happy again? 

My Review:

NOTE: This Book was sent to me by Pegasus Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

The book cover is still pretty simple much like the book cover of Christian and Layla. But as to what Ms. Claire said she likes to put relevant stuff on her book covers. And I seem to like that concept.
The book was nice, I really enjoyed it. Finding hope was easy to read and easy to get into the flow of the story. Although I have to say there were parts that felt too predictable and thus downscaling my excitement for that scene.  I felt quite disturbed on how damaged Hope was at the beginning of the story. But nonetheless the book made me curious. Curious as to how she got so damaged in a way and also how she would cope up with all the revelations in her life. I usually enjoy Romance books. But there was something preventing me on enjoying it. Well I enjoyed it but not to the fullest degree. Maybe because these type of story tend to end in a tragic way but somehow it turned out quite well so that’d be a thumbs up.  

Dialogues: were great, easy to read, I didn’t find any errors at all.

Characters: were awesome. Hope had this Character development where she started out to be damaged, depressed and a girl that considers herself not worthy to be happy in anyway. Into a girl that slowly accepts the fact that she can’t change the past and it’ll not help to wallow in sadness, and a girl that let’s herself fall in love again and finally found some hope. I also liked the diversity of each character in the book some are shy, abusive, too caring, etc. and even though there were other characters they don’t overshadow the main characters.

Plot: The plot was really great… actually. A girl that witnessed the death of a loved one. She didn’t have the will to cope up with that death so she left South Coast to distract herself with her studies. And then coming back after five years to make sure her uncle is happy and eventually finds a guy that made her realize that she can love again. GREAT right?!

Flow of the Story: it was okay, there were unexpected turns along the way which makes the story more interesting. But there were some predictable scenes that made me lose my interest at some point.

Detailing: was quite good. Specific and precise.

My overall though would be that this was a good romance novel not that gasp filled novel but still quite good. It make me happy that this was the first book I’ve read in 2017 and hope I keep reading amazing books throughout the year.


Book Review: The Pygmy Dragon by Marc Secchia

Title: The Pygmy Dragon
Author: Marc Secchia

Series: Shapeshifter Dragon Legends (#1)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Pages: 346 

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

Yesterday, a Dragon kidnapped me from my cage in a zoo.

Stolen from her jungle home and sold to a zookeeper, Pip knows only a world behind bars, a world in which a Pygmy warrior and her giant ape friends are a zoo attraction. She dreams of being Human. She dreams of escaping to the world outside her cage.

Then, the Dragon Zardon kidnaps her into a new life. Pip rides Dragonback across the Island-World to her new school – a school inside a volcano. A school where Humans learn to be Dragon Riders. But this is only a foretaste of her magical destiny, for the Dragon Assassins are coming. They have floated an Island across the Rift and their aim is nothing less than the massacre of all Dragons.

Now, the courage of the smallest will be tested to the utmost. For Pip is the Pygmy Dragon, and this is her tale.

This Books is About:

A pygmy warrior that was kidnapped from her village and was sold to a zoo to become an attraction.

She was with a mother Oraial and a baby Oraial. She soon befriended them and became best of friends with the ape. But soon the ape was about to die. And by some weird language she said made the Oraial’s soul comeback to its body. And that’s when the story will kick off. Our little hero Pip will be kidnapped from her cage along with the Oraial to a Dragon Rider academy where Pip will learn everything she needs to know to become a dragon rider. You’ll follow Pip’s struggle in the hands of the school’s bullies but along the way Pip finds friends that she’ll surely treasure forever. And that’s when Pip’s peculiar talents arises and alarms the elder dragons now Pip will strive to survive the life threatening situations, the upgraded bullies she received and the struggle of keeping her emotions out of the way in their battles.

My Review:


So I might as well tell you how i found out about the book. I just kept on scrolling through twitter until a book catches my attention and the Pygmy Dragon really did catch my attention.

The Book’s cover is really nice and neat and super clear even, it really is a high quality book cover and even the pages of the book as well seems really sturdy.

The synopsis really got my attention too so all the more reason why I should try and read the book.

So basically I loved the book, really well thought out, fun and bubbly. This book has tons of good qualities in it. The idea is quite clear you’ll get the hang of it after the first 15 or 17 chapters.  The book has many dialects in it, I personally like the Oraial dialect. I really like how Mr. Marc just went super creative in making this book. The book title though got me thinking that the main character would start as a dragon and is imprisoned and escapes. but no, it just starts off as a plain Pygmy warrior kidnapped and put in a zoo. But the journey on how she gets to know her true strength is what you’ll look forward too. The book has these things that would either make you confused or excited. I also like the concept of the Dragon choosing its own rider, like they need to have this certain bond before they become Dragon and Rider.

Dialogues: were great, and there are different dialects in the book that I really enjoyed reading.  

Characters: really awesome. The character development was really amazing, some characters would be terrified, shy and unsure and then becomes confident and daring. Some went to being super flirty to not being flirty at all. It’s nice to see the transition from one character typing to another. And even though the changing process is slower than expected at least the character didn’t drastically change.

Plot: was super good and exciting

Flow of the story: Quite good actually, there was sufficient chapters for each storyline. There was good transitions from being a caged up pygmy warrior to their travels until she discovered she was a Pygmy dragon.

Detailing: was great.

Overall this book is one of the books that I thought I’d like in a so-so way but I really did enjoy every last bit of it once I got the flow of the story. Quite a good fantasy book this is one of those books that I personally read up until 4 or 5 in the morning since at times I’m quite a slow reader when I still have other things to do for school. Anyway I’m looking forward to reading book two.


Book Review: Rise of a Phoenix by P. S. Syron-Jones

Title: Rise of a Phoenix 

Author: P. S. Syron-Jones

Series: John Steel Series (#1)

Genre: Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery

Pages: 369

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

 In the swelter of a New York heat wave Detective Samantha McCall and her team are thrust on to the trail of a brutal killer. Soon more bodies are descovered and the team find they are not alone in their pursuit. A shadowy figure follows them as if it is also searching for something in the horror the killer has left behind. McCall must figure out if this wraith is friend, foe or the killer himself. As Detective McCall moves closer to the truth she soon discovers, nothing is as it seems.

This Book is about:

How two detectives try and find out who gruesomely murdered three women. Three women who aren’t connected with each other. Detective McCall was paired up with an Englishman detective that has trust issues and has a deeper motive as to why he wants to find out who is the person that orchestrated these murders. You’ll follow Detective McCall and Steel in their Pursue for this criminal, but they’ll soon find out that this criminal isn’t just doing these murders for his own pleasure. This murderer is part of something bigger than what these two detectives were expecting. And when they did find out who the murderer was, they didn’t see it coming.

My Review:

Note: Mr. Phill gave me this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

So I found out about Rise of a Phoenix while I was scrolling through twitter, I thought that the book cover looks nice and the synopsis tickled my fancy and if you like literally read all my reviews most of it are Murder Mysteries.

The book cover is really nice though neat, simple yet attracting in a way, for me that is.

The book was really good though. It got me really worked up on who the murderer was, I had my fair share of gasp filled moments since I wasn’t expecting the revelations at all. So that was another great factor about it. Even though this book is 369 pages long you’d probably think “how can this book be interesting if there’s only one case that needs to be solved?” that’s the thing though. This book still revolves on the murder of the three women but it also has these side case and other scenarios that keeps the story a lot more interesting and intriguing. And I’m quite impressed, even though this book had a hefty amount of characters it was still clear and not chaotic at all.


Dialogues: so here’s the thing, I seriously like the book, it really tickles my fancy. But it has some typos and grammatical errors. (I know I’m over reacting with typos and stuff.) but just for a minute though. I’d be totally fine if there was only one or five typos all throughout the story but you can find typos and grammatical errors in most of the chapters typos stopped showing up when I was in the last 8 chapters of the book.

Characters: I liked the characters. Sam McCall was really determined to find out who the murderer was and has a great back story as to why she wanted to become a detective. Steel though has this cool yet reliable feel to him. He doesn’t show much of his weaknesses, he’s reckless in a brave sense. I like how shadowy his character is and how he just seems to evaporate in the darkness. Seems unbelievable but you’ll get the hang of it as the story progresses.

Plot: was astounding,

Flow of the story: Great. Even though they’re literally rotating in one case this other side story made it much more exciting and thrilling.

Detailing: was great.


Overall a very good crime book, with some minor setbacks of errors but if you look past those you’d be enjoying it like I did. (well I didn’t look past those though but at least I enjoyed it.) a great thrilling and gripping story that would leave you asking for more.




Book Review: We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han


Title: We’ll always have summer

Author: Jenny Han

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Series: The summer I turned Pretty (#3)

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, YA

Pages: 321

Format: eBook (Kindle/ PDF)

Preview Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

 It’s been two years since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah. She and Jeremiah have been inseparable ever since, even attending the same college– only, their relationship hasn’t exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be. And when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make, Belly is forced to question what she thought was true love. Does she really have a future with Jeremiah? Has she ever gotten over Conrad? It’s time for Belly to decide, once and for all, who has her heart forever.

This Book Is About:

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT! Well it won’t be a spoiler if you’ve read the first book of the series but if you haven’t read the first book yet please don’t read this so you won’t be spoiled.

The continuation of the ever so confused Belly in choosing which of the Fisher boys she’d choose in the end. Belly and Jeremiah are dating for two years now, and they’re in the same college. The story gets to have a little drama in it (I was like YES! Drama! Go leave him and go to option number one….But NOOOOOOOO… Belly is stupidly nice to be angry at Jeremiah… Anyway.)  Belly found out that Jeremiah cheated on Belly in Cabo, they almost broke up but Jeremiah proposed. So we’ll follow how this wedding goes. All throughout the story Jeremiah and Belly seems to have everything sorted out and then Conrad came back and Belly’s confused as to what she’s feeling for him. She thought that she hid those feelings for Conrad long ago. Belly will now busy herself with her wedding with her friend Taylor, we’ll find out sooner or later whether Belly’s love for Jeremiah is stronger that her feelings for Conrad.

My Review:

The Book cover is quite plain for me, it didn’t really like tell you what you’d expect from the book unlike book 1 & 2.

Did I like the book? Nope. I LOVED it! Jenny Han really knows her stuff. Making this trilogy such a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs.

The book literally used up most of my emotions. By now this is the third and last book of the series and I’m still annoyed with how indecisive Belly is. Hahaha… jokes aside, it’s just that I felt really happy following Belly’s story. From the summer she turned pretty until the summer she got married to the boy she really loved.

While reading a series you really like you will definitely get attached to some characters especially the ones that really left a mark in your heart. And that’s what some of the characters did to me in this series. Though to be honest this book really had a familiar feel to like a movie or something.

this book was super good and as a whole it was fun, exciting, frustrating, annoying but worth reading.

Dialogues: were really good.

Characters: well in book two Belly really came out of her shell. In book three Conrad finally had the courage to tell Belly how he felt, this type of character development is what makes a story worth reading.

Plot: Really good.

Flow of the story: was great and also my prayers were finally answered! After book two I hoped to see Conrad’s POV and here it is.

✅Detailing: wonderful.

These are the quotes I liked:

“He was marrying my girl, and I couldn’t do anything about it.”


“If a girl’s the one, all bets are off Family or no family.”


“In my heart I knew I loved them both, as much as it is possible to love two people at the same time.”


“I need you to know that no matter what happens it was worth it to me. Being with you, loving you. It was all worth it.”


Overall  it was such a good book, you’ll finally know who wins Belly’s heart. What was in Sussanah letter for them. It was a great end for a great series. I literally finished each book within two days or less. Cause my curiosity got the best of me.





Book Review: It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han


It’s not Summer Without You

Jenny Han

Simon & Schuster

The Summer I turned Pretty (#2)

Contemporary, coming of age, Romance, YA


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Book Synopsis: 

Belly thought her romance with Conrad was picture-perfect: She was all grown up and dating the boy of her dreams. But things with Conrad were never exactly as she had dreamed (obsessed) about. He keeps getting more distant and distracted, and Belly wishes she could walk away. But when Jeremiah calls her to tell her Conrad has seemingly gone missing, it takes her only seconds to start packing her things. Belly embarks on a journey to find him…no matter how much what she discovers will hurt her.

The Book Is About:

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT! Well it won’t be a spoiler if you read the first book of the series but if you haven’t read the first book yet please don’t read this so you won’t be spoiled.

The summer where everything changed for Belly, this was the summer Sussanah passed away. This was the summer everyone grieved. Belly just lost her second mother, the Fisher boys lost a mother. Belly’s mom lost a Best Friend. In this book you’ll follow the change in the attitude of Conrad towards the people that care about him, how Belly gets over Conrad, how Jeremiah slowly became brave to tell how he felt. You’ll find out what happened to Belly’s prom how Conrad and her broke up. And Conrad’s sudden disappearing act. Leaving a few days before his college exams. He was at Cousins. Being, stubborn and being an A-hole. Belly and Jeremiah thought that he was immature and that he wasn’t the only one who lost Sussanah but it was more than just grieving. Conrad was trying to save the Summer House. The Summer house that gave off so much memories. Will they succeed in saving the summer house? Will Conrad finally confess his feelings for Belly? Will Jeremiah get a shot with Belly?

My Review:

I think this “how I found out about the book” thing is quite irrelevant at the moment since I’m having a Jenny Han, Book Reading Marathon. So I’m going to not do it on the next two reviews.
The cover isn’t really that attractive. Like it could’ve had something more to it. But more or less it goes good with the concept of the book series.
I liked this book much better than the first one. It concentrates more on Belly’s moments with the two boys and about her being confused AF, and I liked how Jenny Han changed how the chapters were so it’s really quite good.
I felt really sad while reading this book. To be honest, I really liked Sussanah’s character. Supportive, carefree. She somehow is what you’d want to have as a mother. So it literally made me sad finding out that she passed away so fast in the book.
I found it really great that Belly is slowly coming out of her shell, with the help of a little Tequila, but I’m still annoyed on how indecisive Belly is. If she likes boy number one then tell him. And also tell boy number 2 that she likes boy number 1 better than him so she won’t feel conflicted when she decides between the two of them. Cause if she chose one, let the other party know how she felt. Either way each one would accept it and move on. And we can follow their love story, everything will be peachy. But NO! let’s be indecisive and keep confusing which boy we like.

✅Dialogues: were great.
✅Characters: well it was really good, Belly’s character showed a new side to it, the other’s though were consistent but in a good way.
✅Plot: was okay
✅flow of the story: it improved. Quite nice to read the story in another person’s perspective.
✅Detailing: was Good

I liked these quotes:

“That’s because You’re Coldhearted.”
“For everyone else, maybe. But not for you.”

“This is what people meant when they said earth stopped turning. It felt like a world outside of that car. That moment didn’t even exist. It was just us.”

I”I release you. I evict you from my heart. Because if I don’t do it now, I never will.”

I give this book:



​Book Review: The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han


Title: The Summer I turned Pretty
Author: Jenny Han
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Series: The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy (#1)
Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 292
Format: eBook (Kindle/ PDF)
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Book Synopsis:
Belly’s never been the kind of girl that things happen to. Year after year, she’s spent her summers at the beach house with Conrad and Jeremiah. The boys never noticed Belly noticing them. And every summer she hoped it would be different. This time, it was. But the summer Belly turned pretty was the summer that changed everything. For better, and for worse.

The Book Is About:
A girl named Isabel but her nickname all through out the story is Belly. And her unforgettable moments at the summer house in Cousins, Belly was just average the past few summers. She wore glasses, etc. but this summer… this was the summer that she turned pretty. Each and every summer Belly along with her mum and brother. Stayed in the Fisher’s summer house in cousins since Belly’s mom is best friends with the owner and the owner treated Belly as the daughter she never had. Belly liked the Two Fisher Boys. But she was confused since she was little. They practically grew up with each other and she knew she loved one of them. Who will she choose between the two siblings? Will this be another perfect summer for Belly? What secret will she find out that could change her whole summer?

My Review:
So basically I decided to read all of Jenny Han’s Books from Latest to Oldest.

The book cover is quite nice it’s always nice to see what the author is going for in portraying the character she conjured up.

I felt quite happy and content while reading this book. The flashbacks on significant events in Belly’s life was sufficient.

I liked the idea where Jenny Han was going for, it was nice and fun, The Author really has a way in writing these types of books.

I didn’t really feel the whole vibe of the story though. Well come to think about it. The story is about the Summer Belly turned pretty, but why aren’t boy going crazy for Belly? Why was the eldest boy oblivious to her, why does he keep on pushing her away. Those parts were really frustrating. The revelations in the near the end chapters were depressing. I would’ve cried on that part. If only it wasn’t 4 in the morning when I read this book and my eyes weren’t dry AF. (FYI I’m typing this review @ 6:05am no sleep game is strong.)

✅Dialogues: were okay
✅Characters: Besides the main characters, the boy that Belly Dated was got my attention.
✅Plot: it was great
✅Flow of the story: kinda okay
✅Detailing on the book: good
I didn’t really find a quote that got my attention.

Overall. The book and the concept was great. I just wished it and more of a romantic approach to it, since it was the summer she turned pretty she deserves the attention.

I Give this book: