This is My Blog’s Logo made by my Cousin


I’m Ken Phillips Valencia my Nickname is KENCHI and I prefer people to call me by my nickname. I’m a Bibliophile that likes to travel most of the places I travel to are Beaches but since I’m still a student family outings is the closest thing to Vacation that I can get. I have so many stuff I want to do and accomplish. I also collect way too many stuff. And I mean waaaay too many. It is the main reason why my room is always cluttered. But I clean it every once in a while. I also do my best on giving out Honest Reviews on the books I read and besides Reading, Drawing, Sleeping and Breathing I don’t think I have any other talents.

I will have a little help with my cousin on my blog. so my cousin will be posting some book reviews pretty soon. she loves books as much as I do so when she will post a book review she will have her own Logo and from now on a Logo will be added on the last part of our reviews so you can identify who reviewed the book. here’s her Logo.

Look for Logo’s like this to find out who reviewed the book.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day!