Book Review: Silver and the White Lions: Children of the stars by Jenny Vassallo

Title: Silver and the White Lions: Children of the stars

Author: Jenny Vassallo

Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Series: Standalone

Genre: fantasy, magical realism, 

Pages: 207

Format: Paperback

Review also posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis: 

Silver is a beautiful, large Maine Coon cat who remembers that in a previous life he was a white lion cub. 

He lives with several other cats who encouraged him to tell them the story of his past life.

He begins with his memories from his childhood as a cub, when his dad, King, told him how all the lions arrived at King Rock.

King had been born with a mission in life, which was to travel to a place where he would find a very special white lioness with blue eyes. She was destined to become his mate and together they would fulfill an ancient African prophecy.

This book is about:

A three legged Maine Coon cat named Silver, who apparently remembers being a special white lion cub in his past life and how he tells the story to Angel’s pride (well cat pride). A story where strangely everybody in Angel’s pride seems to be a character in Silver’s out of this world story. His story where every cat acts as one to help in fulfilling an African prophecy to help King find his mate, Mama. And starting their own pride which was already written on the stars years before they were even born. And as to what Silver said. You’ll find out soon enough why cats always seem to be lazy and always goes to sleep most of the days.

My Review:

Note: This book was sent to me by the Author’s publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The book cover really looks great. I get a Narnia feel to it and after reading it you’ll find out that the story revolves on the Lions and the prophecy written in the stars.

So the book, well it was interesting at first, I got quite excited on the adventures that the characters would embark in…. But. It kept on getting less interesting on the middle chapters, I basically had a reading slump and had to reread the whole half of the book to remember what happened in the first chapters and after finishing it. I was quite satisfied… since I already passed the reading slump phase. The book wasn’t an overwhelming OMG! This book is amazing! Type of book it’s more on a so-so level. I liked the idea of telling the readers why cats sleep most of the time and also how the cats helped each other in fulfilling the African prophecy… other that those two I found the story quite unfulfilling, maybe I was expecting something more exciting to happen on this particular book but I raised my expectation a little too much.

✅Dialogues: were fine, I found some typos with the grammar and even on the name of a character.

Characters: first X ever woot! This book has too many characters, since Silver’s story goes from present to the past you’ll encounter an overwhelming number of characters and it just felt quite cluttered and this is one of the reasons that hindered me from enjoying the story. The overall character count is 45 characters and even if some of the characters didn’t talk too much it was still quite confusing since the transition from one character to the other wasn’t very good. 

✅Plot: the Plot is good but it didn’t feel quite fulfilling. The main goal was to help King find his mate Mama and to have cubs and have those little lights go inside each one of the cubs to fulfill this African prophecy. Their journey was dull there wasn’t any adversary that could possibly stop them besides those hunters nothing much happened that tickled my fancy.

✅Flow of the story: is acceptable.

✅Detailing: quite okay, this book has good detailing on the surrounding and characters, etc.

Overall a book that would’ve been a super interesting story but missed it’s chance to expand and have good twist and turns in it. 



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