Book Review: Unexpressed Feelings by Khadija Rupa


Title: Unexpressed Feelings

Author: Khadija Rupa

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 185

Format: Paperback

Review also posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis from Goodreads:

Unexpressed Feelings is a book which begins with the unbearable melancholy that creeps under one’s skin, into the bones, when an unexpected heartbreak takes place. Priceless lessons, that only mistakes and sorrow can teach, leap out from the middle part of the book with the forethought to heal an inner wound that is still raw, still painful. This book of yearning, heartache and realizations gradually comes to a beautiful end in part three by unveiling how love is supposed to look like when it truly enters one’s life. By expressing some of the sweet feelings of falling in love and being consumed by it in this last section, with the right person this time, the aim of the book is one: to give hope to souls that propels them to the continuous search for Love. True Love. Throughout this book, loss, lessons and love have been portrayed in a brief, whimsical, poetic manner with meanings that are intensely deep.

My Review:

Note:  This book was sent to me by Khadija Rupa and her team in exchange for an honest review.

I found out about this book when I was scrolling through Facebook and I was instantly drawn to it since the sneak peeks of the poems were really good.

The book cover is really eye catching and it really goes well with the title. For me though the cover seems to show how or what Unexpressed feelings look like inside a person. But that’s just me haha.

I still haven’t got the chance to review any poetry books up until now. So this is quite new to me but I will give my honest thoughts and opinions about this book.

The book has tons of strong points. It has a mixture of heart break, moving on and trying to find love. Unexpressed Feelings is divided into three parts: “Crying is allowed here”, “School of lost souls”, and “Darling it’s me: Love.” I personally like part one: “Crying is allowed here” since it has more poems in it than the other two parts, the poems in part one are much more relatable to me and my life and it’s quite refreshing to read some of it. The book also has short stories along with the poems, the book covers almost everything about relationships and what you’ll encounter while you’re in one.

Here are some poems that I liked in this book:

“It’s Over

He cried that day.

All day,

All night.

She cried, too.


All her life.”



This Earth is a funny planet.

Life in it is nothing –

But a game.

We all are players.

Some play with toys.


With hearts.”


“Lack of Love

Some people understand,

Who you are,

Reaching to the bottom of your heart,

From a distance so far.

And surprisingly,

Some take a lifetime

To understand who you are not,

Despite being someone so close.”


The only issue I had with the book was that some of the poems were random. It would start up with engaging and relatable lines but would be really random at times in the end of the poem. I felt the same way with the short stories, even though the stories were told in somewhat a poetic way which I like by the way, it was the same with the other poems with having good lines at the begging and having random and unfulfilling lines in the end. But rest assured that you will enjoy this poetry book as much as I did.

Also, I do love poems that rhyme, since it’s much more fun to read than the ones that don’t, Unexpressed Feelings have tons of those poems. But there still are poems that rhyme in the end but is still quite unsatisfying.

Overall this was a really good poetry book, I would highly recommend that you get this book. To give you some reasons though…. This book has many relatable and lovely poems and short stories, this book was sold out in bookstores in Malaysia, and just look at the cover if ever you have a bookstagram here’s one of the books that you can take pictures with. It’s basically pretty inside and out.






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