Book Review: Tortured Minds by Grant Leishman, Collin Griffiths and Rachel McGrath

Title: Tortured Minds

Authors: Grant Leishman, Collin Griffiths, Rachel McGrath

Series: Stand Alone

Genre: Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller

Pages: 289

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis: *insert here*

This book is about:

Three friends who are Adrenaline Junkies and decided that Parcour is the next thing on their list. And tragedy strikes when Daniel falls to his death on top of a building. And now Daniel is stuck in some sort of spirit limbo where he’s still in the human realm rather than spiritual one. You’ll follow Daniel in… Let’s say his Quest to find out if his Death was an accident or was it planned by one of his super close friends. You’ll be on the edge, getting curiouser and curiouser….. as to who was the master mind in Daniel’s unfortunate death. And you’ll eventually find out who has the Tortured Minds.

My Review:

*Note: This book was sent to me by Mr. Grant in exchange for an honest review*

So again almost all the books that I reviewed. I literally found out about them on twitter and I got a little curious since Mr. Grant lives in the Philippines and I’ve never reached out or found an author that resided in the Philippines, well maybe there are tons but I just haven’t discovered them yet. So the thing that I was curious about, since Mr. Grant wrote paranormal books. I’m curious if he used the mythical creatures in the Philippines’ folklore and stuff.

The book cover looks quite intimidating in a way. But any psychological thriller reader would probably pick it up and see what it’s about.

Actually when I read the synopsis I was quite intrigued since there were three authors that collaborated in writing this book. And each author had his/her character to write about and they wrote the book in a way that if the first author came up with this plot twist the other author has to go with the flow and add some spice in it in their own way.

So the books was great. Well I liked how the story progresses it was smooth even though three authors wrote it. The book was interesting at the begging but the story kinda lost me in the middle parts. I mean the transition from each point of view was really smooth but the story not so much. And this book also regained my interest in the last few chapters not the ending though. But the unexpected twist and turns contributed to the book’s charms. At first the paranormal stuff was really grabbing my attention but it was lost when the paranormal being gave too much contact to the other characters like as if he was still alive. And I’m a super fan of paranormal stuff and those things well this is a work of fiction after all. But the things that happened isn’t well possible unless possession was involved which is not.

Dialogues: Good, there were some grammar mistakes but not that overwhelming.

Characters: So I really like the characters in this book. Like first they are somewhat innocent in a way but flashbacks show how pretentious they are or how manipulating they are.

Plot: was nice, a ghost that tries to find out who killed him. But  the way he made too much contact lost me.

Flow of the Story: the transition from one point of view to the other was smooth but the story line seems to be off in some point since there are three authors writing the book. It’s understandable.

Detailing:  was good.

Overall a very good psychological thriller book. It has great twist and turns with the minor setbacks of parts getting way off the plot and the ending was not that shocking it was really random to be honest.



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