Book Review: Reap Not The Dragon by Debra Kristi 

Title: Reap Not The Dragon

Author: Debra Kristi

Series: Age of the Hybrid Series (#2)

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 114

Format: Paperback 

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

This Book is about:

What happens after Kyra lost her memory and stuff. And the story is now told in Sebastian’s Point of View instead of Kyra’s. it’s how Kyra slowly regains her memories and how Marcus Starts collecting different kinds of dragons including Kyra’s Dragon. Marcus’ plan is to absorb each dragon’s power and become the Ultimate dragon. And even though Kyra lost her memory she still feels this strange connection with Sebastian and that’s why she takes the risks in meeting up with him. And Finally Kyra and Sebastian returns to The Mystic Carnival with an unexpected ending.

My Review:

*NOTE: This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. And if you haven’t read my first review of this series. I received a book compilation version of this series and I decided to read and review it separately*

The book cover of the book looks okay, not that grand but at least it shows you what the Author imagined her character to look like and I really like that.

The book was okay, I literally had a slow pace in reading this book. While reading the book I encountered chapters that were quite plain for me and since the story was now told in another POV it felt like I’m starting a new book and it seemed like a new world building book even though it was just told in Sebastian’s POV. But at least you can see Sebastian’s Character development in it. The book redeemed itself on the last seven chapters. It was action packed, exciting and thrilling. I would’ve thoroughly enjoyed the book this book if not only for those dull chapters in the middle of the book. Stories usually have this intense or captivating first chapters and will get dull and boring in the middle and gets its intensity back at the last few chapters. I just love Novels that constantly grabs your attention from the beginning until the end. This book was the first one.

Dialogues: were great, it was nice and I didn’t find any errors.

Characters: The good thing about this book is that if you like Sebastian you get to know him even more since everything is told in his perspective and you witness his character development. But that’s it. Good thing though is that Marcus is still a douche and there’s points for consistency.

Plot: was still okay, it was more on Sebastian’s search for Kyra – Finds her – gets beaten up by creatures – heals up in the fastest way possible…( fantasy books haha) and then rinse and repeat.

Flow of the Story: was great not that confusing or cluttered. But the middle chapters was really quite dull.

Detailing: was great as well.
Overall I still enjoyed this book not to the fullest degree but the ending is what got me really curious as to what happens next to Kyra and Sebastian. I hope that book three will redeem the whole series since in my experience even though books one and two doesn’t seem that special book three usually redeems the whole series and I want to find out if Plight of the Dragon will do that.



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