Book Review: Finding Hope by Claire Merchant

Title: Finding Hope

Author: Claire Merchant

Series: Standalone

Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Genre: Romance

Pages: 364

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis: 

What do you do when you lose the person dearest to you? How do you dare to live – let alone love, again? Hope Hadley’s answer to these questions is: you don’t. She returns reluctantly to her home town after five years of studying in another part of the country. Jensen, her uncle and only family, is relieved that she’s back but Hope has only one thing on her mind: to get through life one day at a time, with as little emotion as possible. Hope doesn’t take into account that life has a way of happening regardless of whether one is an active participant or not. Her strategy to keep all emotional attachments at arm’s length works for a while. That is, until she meets Damon.

This Book Is About: 

How a girl finds hope even when a certain tragic event happened to her when she was still young. Hope Hadley comes back to South Coast after five year. Five years of avoiding the memory of the person she loves the most. But she has to come back home to her only family left, her Uncle Jay. Eventually Hope got a job as a receptionist in a hospital where she happily busied herself with. Trying her hardest not to remember. But everything changed when she saw a guy with such alluring blue eyes, Damon. This guy is a wreck much like Hope but in a different level, will these two keep their promise to each other that they’ll only be “friends” nothing more and nothing less? Can Hope keep her promise to herself that she will not be happy again? 

My Review:

NOTE: This Book was sent to me by Pegasus Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

The book cover is still pretty simple much like the book cover of Christian and Layla. But as to what Ms. Claire said she likes to put relevant stuff on her book covers. And I seem to like that concept.
The book was nice, I really enjoyed it. Finding hope was easy to read and easy to get into the flow of the story. Although I have to say there were parts that felt too predictable and thus downscaling my excitement for that scene.  I felt quite disturbed on how damaged Hope was at the beginning of the story. But nonetheless the book made me curious. Curious as to how she got so damaged in a way and also how she would cope up with all the revelations in her life. I usually enjoy Romance books. But there was something preventing me on enjoying it. Well I enjoyed it but not to the fullest degree. Maybe because these type of story tend to end in a tragic way but somehow it turned out quite well so that’d be a thumbs up.  

Dialogues: were great, easy to read, I didn’t find any errors at all.

Characters: were awesome. Hope had this Character development where she started out to be damaged, depressed and a girl that considers herself not worthy to be happy in anyway. Into a girl that slowly accepts the fact that she can’t change the past and it’ll not help to wallow in sadness, and a girl that let’s herself fall in love again and finally found some hope. I also liked the diversity of each character in the book some are shy, abusive, too caring, etc. and even though there were other characters they don’t overshadow the main characters.

Plot: The plot was really great… actually. A girl that witnessed the death of a loved one. She didn’t have the will to cope up with that death so she left South Coast to distract herself with her studies. And then coming back after five years to make sure her uncle is happy and eventually finds a guy that made her realize that she can love again. GREAT right?!

Flow of the Story: it was okay, there were unexpected turns along the way which makes the story more interesting. But there were some predictable scenes that made me lose my interest at some point.

Detailing: was quite good. Specific and precise.

My overall though would be that this was a good romance novel not that gasp filled novel but still quite good. It make me happy that this was the first book I’ve read in 2017 and hope I keep reading amazing books throughout the year.



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