Book Review: Rise of a Phoenix by P. S. Syron-Jones

Title: Rise of a Phoenix 

Author: P. S. Syron-Jones

Series: John Steel Series (#1)

Genre: Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery

Pages: 369

Format: Paperback

Review Also Posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

 In the swelter of a New York heat wave Detective Samantha McCall and her team are thrust on to the trail of a brutal killer. Soon more bodies are descovered and the team find they are not alone in their pursuit. A shadowy figure follows them as if it is also searching for something in the horror the killer has left behind. McCall must figure out if this wraith is friend, foe or the killer himself. As Detective McCall moves closer to the truth she soon discovers, nothing is as it seems.

This Book is about:

How two detectives try and find out who gruesomely murdered three women. Three women who aren’t connected with each other. Detective McCall was paired up with an Englishman detective that has trust issues and has a deeper motive as to why he wants to find out who is the person that orchestrated these murders. You’ll follow Detective McCall and Steel in their Pursue for this criminal, but they’ll soon find out that this criminal isn’t just doing these murders for his own pleasure. This murderer is part of something bigger than what these two detectives were expecting. And when they did find out who the murderer was, they didn’t see it coming.

My Review:

Note: Mr. Phill gave me this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

So I found out about Rise of a Phoenix while I was scrolling through twitter, I thought that the book cover looks nice and the synopsis tickled my fancy and if you like literally read all my reviews most of it are Murder Mysteries.

The book cover is really nice though neat, simple yet attracting in a way, for me that is.

The book was really good though. It got me really worked up on who the murderer was, I had my fair share of gasp filled moments since I wasn’t expecting the revelations at all. So that was another great factor about it. Even though this book is 369 pages long you’d probably think “how can this book be interesting if there’s only one case that needs to be solved?” that’s the thing though. This book still revolves on the murder of the three women but it also has these side case and other scenarios that keeps the story a lot more interesting and intriguing. And I’m quite impressed, even though this book had a hefty amount of characters it was still clear and not chaotic at all.


Dialogues: so here’s the thing, I seriously like the book, it really tickles my fancy. But it has some typos and grammatical errors. (I know I’m over reacting with typos and stuff.) but just for a minute though. I’d be totally fine if there was only one or five typos all throughout the story but you can find typos and grammatical errors in most of the chapters typos stopped showing up when I was in the last 8 chapters of the book.

Characters: I liked the characters. Sam McCall was really determined to find out who the murderer was and has a great back story as to why she wanted to become a detective. Steel though has this cool yet reliable feel to him. He doesn’t show much of his weaknesses, he’s reckless in a brave sense. I like how shadowy his character is and how he just seems to evaporate in the darkness. Seems unbelievable but you’ll get the hang of it as the story progresses.

Plot: was astounding,

Flow of the story: Great. Even though they’re literally rotating in one case this other side story made it much more exciting and thrilling.

Detailing: was great.


Overall a very good crime book, with some minor setbacks of errors but if you look past those you’d be enjoying it like I did. (well I didn’t look past those though but at least I enjoyed it.) a great thrilling and gripping story that would leave you asking for more.





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