Book Review: It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han


It’s not Summer Without You

Jenny Han

Simon & Schuster

The Summer I turned Pretty (#2)

Contemporary, coming of age, Romance, YA


eBook Kindle, PDF

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Book Synopsis: 

Belly thought her romance with Conrad was picture-perfect: She was all grown up and dating the boy of her dreams. But things with Conrad were never exactly as she had dreamed (obsessed) about. He keeps getting more distant and distracted, and Belly wishes she could walk away. But when Jeremiah calls her to tell her Conrad has seemingly gone missing, it takes her only seconds to start packing her things. Belly embarks on a journey to find him…no matter how much what she discovers will hurt her.

The Book Is About:

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT! Well it won’t be a spoiler if you read the first book of the series but if you haven’t read the first book yet please don’t read this so you won’t be spoiled.

The summer where everything changed for Belly, this was the summer Sussanah passed away. This was the summer everyone grieved. Belly just lost her second mother, the Fisher boys lost a mother. Belly’s mom lost a Best Friend. In this book you’ll follow the change in the attitude of Conrad towards the people that care about him, how Belly gets over Conrad, how Jeremiah slowly became brave to tell how he felt. You’ll find out what happened to Belly’s prom how Conrad and her broke up. And Conrad’s sudden disappearing act. Leaving a few days before his college exams. He was at Cousins. Being, stubborn and being an A-hole. Belly and Jeremiah thought that he was immature and that he wasn’t the only one who lost Sussanah but it was more than just grieving. Conrad was trying to save the Summer House. The Summer house that gave off so much memories. Will they succeed in saving the summer house? Will Conrad finally confess his feelings for Belly? Will Jeremiah get a shot with Belly?

My Review:

I think this “how I found out about the book” thing is quite irrelevant at the moment since I’m having a Jenny Han, Book Reading Marathon. So I’m going to not do it on the next two reviews.
The cover isn’t really that attractive. Like it could’ve had something more to it. But more or less it goes good with the concept of the book series.
I liked this book much better than the first one. It concentrates more on Belly’s moments with the two boys and about her being confused AF, and I liked how Jenny Han changed how the chapters were so it’s really quite good.
I felt really sad while reading this book. To be honest, I really liked Sussanah’s character. Supportive, carefree. She somehow is what you’d want to have as a mother. So it literally made me sad finding out that she passed away so fast in the book.
I found it really great that Belly is slowly coming out of her shell, with the help of a little Tequila, but I’m still annoyed on how indecisive Belly is. If she likes boy number one then tell him. And also tell boy number 2 that she likes boy number 1 better than him so she won’t feel conflicted when she decides between the two of them. Cause if she chose one, let the other party know how she felt. Either way each one would accept it and move on. And we can follow their love story, everything will be peachy. But NO! let’s be indecisive and keep confusing which boy we like.

✅Dialogues: were great.
✅Characters: well it was really good, Belly’s character showed a new side to it, the other’s though were consistent but in a good way.
✅Plot: was okay
✅flow of the story: it improved. Quite nice to read the story in another person’s perspective.
✅Detailing: was Good

I liked these quotes:

“That’s because You’re Coldhearted.”
“For everyone else, maybe. But not for you.”

“This is what people meant when they said earth stopped turning. It felt like a world outside of that car. That moment didn’t even exist. It was just us.”

I”I release you. I evict you from my heart. Because if I don’t do it now, I never will.”

I give this book:




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