​Book Review: The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han


Title: The Summer I turned Pretty
Author: Jenny Han
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Series: The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy (#1)
Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 292
Format: eBook (Kindle/ PDF)
Review Also Posted On: Goodreads
Book Synopsis:
Belly’s never been the kind of girl that things happen to. Year after year, she’s spent her summers at the beach house with Conrad and Jeremiah. The boys never noticed Belly noticing them. And every summer she hoped it would be different. This time, it was. But the summer Belly turned pretty was the summer that changed everything. For better, and for worse.

The Book Is About:
A girl named Isabel but her nickname all through out the story is Belly. And her unforgettable moments at the summer house in Cousins, Belly was just average the past few summers. She wore glasses, etc. but this summer… this was the summer that she turned pretty. Each and every summer Belly along with her mum and brother. Stayed in the Fisher’s summer house in cousins since Belly’s mom is best friends with the owner and the owner treated Belly as the daughter she never had. Belly liked the Two Fisher Boys. But she was confused since she was little. They practically grew up with each other and she knew she loved one of them. Who will she choose between the two siblings? Will this be another perfect summer for Belly? What secret will she find out that could change her whole summer?

My Review:
So basically I decided to read all of Jenny Han’s Books from Latest to Oldest.

The book cover is quite nice it’s always nice to see what the author is going for in portraying the character she conjured up.

I felt quite happy and content while reading this book. The flashbacks on significant events in Belly’s life was sufficient.

I liked the idea where Jenny Han was going for, it was nice and fun, The Author really has a way in writing these types of books.

I didn’t really feel the whole vibe of the story though. Well come to think about it. The story is about the Summer Belly turned pretty, but why aren’t boy going crazy for Belly? Why was the eldest boy oblivious to her, why does he keep on pushing her away. Those parts were really frustrating. The revelations in the near the end chapters were depressing. I would’ve cried on that part. If only it wasn’t 4 in the morning when I read this book and my eyes weren’t dry AF. (FYI I’m typing this review @ 6:05am no sleep game is strong.)

✅Dialogues: were okay
✅Characters: Besides the main characters, the boy that Belly Dated was got my attention.
✅Plot: it was great
✅Flow of the story: kinda okay
✅Detailing on the book: good
I didn’t really find a quote that got my attention.

Overall. The book and the concept was great. I just wished it and more of a romantic approach to it, since it was the summer she turned pretty she deserves the attention.

I Give this book:




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