Book Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman


Title: If I Stay

Author: Gayle Forman

Series: If I Stay (#1)

Genre: Romance, YA

Pages: 234

Format: Paperback

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Review also posted on: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

Just listen, Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel.

I open my eyes wide now.
I sit up as much as I can.
And I listen.

Stay, he says.

Choices. Seventeen-year-old Mia is faced with some tough ones: Stay true to her first love—music—even if it means losing her boyfriend and leaving her family and friends behind?

Then one February morning Mia goes for a drive with her family, and in an instant, everything changes. Suddenly, all the choices are gone, except one. And it’s the only one that matters.

If I Stay is a heartachingly beautiful book about the power of love, the true meaning of family, and the choices we all make.

Book Review:

To be honest… I have never heard of If I Stay… well not until the movie was announced and that was like (insert the year if I stay movie was released) ago. And also another factor was that Chloe Moretz was the main character in the movie so I had to read the book before the movie came out… so I got an electronic copy of If I Stay and read it up until the middle part of it. But then I stopped there since I watched the movie and you know got spoiled so… I know I don’t have self-control. I had to watch Chloe though. Anyway, After watching the movie I still wanted to read the book but I want to read a physical copy of it and just this year like last month I think. My mother’s cousin gave me the book set of If I Stay so now I’ve read If I Stay, Yay! Thank you Ate Lica!!! Ok moving on…

The story begins with an average family listing to the radio and had an unexpected day-off and school suspension because to the snow. Mia and her parents decided that since there wasn’t work or school that  day they would visit their  Gran and Gramps. Everything was set and now they’re arguing on what song should be played on the car. Everything was sorted out, Everything seemed to be fine until they were at a turn and their car Collided with a truck. Mia woke up on the ground and saw their car… well what’s left of it.  She looked for her parents, found her dad…he was dead brain scattered on the pavement (They didn’t show this part… haha and for once I think it was right to do that.) she then found her mom… she was in one piece but lifeless… eyes red as blood. Mia looked for teddy and saw a hand. She went to where the hand was and was shocked and at the same time confused to see herself… was she dead? She is now on the ambulance. Teddy was found. Still alive. They were now in the hospital. And now Mia’s having these flashbacks from when she was a child, how she thought her parents would be disappointed with her when she chose the cello instead of the guitar. Mia’s life was almost perfect, she’s not rich though but she had her family, friends and her boyfriend. After seeing what happened in the past Mia saw Willow and knew Teddy didn’t make it. Now Mia has to decide whether she stays or not.

Mia has this great mom and I just loved what she said to her,

“But I understand If you chose love, Adam love, over music love, Either way you win. And either way you lose. What can I tell you? Love’s a bitch.”

The Book,

Didn’t really expect that I’d like the book, well since I watched the movie I thought I knew what would happen in this scene and that scene.  But remembering that movie alters so much stuff I had to read it to find out which was better. And I guess the book really was better. Much more detailed and had more things to well not see but like know about Mia’s past. One of the scenes that was changed in the movie was well… in the movie Adam sucked the bee sting on Mia’s hand. In the book it was Mia’s dad who sucked the hand but it wasn’t Mia’s hand but Adams hand that got stung. And way the book revolved on the day of Mia’s accident and it was just a day. It was really a great read since at a young age she had to choose whether to stay or not. If she decides to stay… she won’t have her mom or dad or even Teddy. But if she leaves she will leave her relatives, close friend and her boyfriend. The book really is quite tragic… it would’ve eased the characters pain if even teddy survived but no. the plot is great… Dialogues were awesome. And I like that Gayle said on her interview that Mia was already made up when she popped out of her imagination. Like here’s a girl bringing a Cello, and she didn’t even know what a Cello was. That was like one of the most creative thing I could imagine. You’re trying to make a character and a character with a fixed everything shows up. Overall a great book has a great concept worth the read.


Would I recommend the book?



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