Book Review: At Water’s Edge by S. McPherson 



Title: At Water’s Edge

Author: S. McPherson

Series: The Water Rushes Saga (#1)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure , YA

Pages: 347

Format: Paperback

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

Review Also Posted On:  Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

When 17-year-old, Dezaray Storm drunkenly stumbles across a portal one night, her life of abuse and self-pity begins to change, mainly because she starts living someone else’s life.

Accidently trading places with the most powerful sorceress of the realm Coldivor, Dezaray finds herself assuming the identity of her magical lookalike, having to convince everyone in the realm that she’s the real deal.

Aside from a few minor hiccups along the way, like the fact that she is not magical nor does she know even the simplest cards trick; Dezaray soon finds herself settling in. Particularly in the arms of Milo; a blue-eyed jokester with the ability to teleport.

However, it doesn’t take long for Dezaray to realise that life on the other side is far from glitz and glamour and that creatures unimaginable are hunting her. A war is brewing between the seven empires of Coldivor and those that long to take over. Dezaray’s enchanted double is their only hope; their secret weapon, set to be unleashed on her eighteenth birthday when she is gifted the powers of her forefathers.

But for the enchantress to return, Dezaray has to leave, and the thought of going back to Islon fills Dezaray with dread, for more reasons than one. Torn between a reality she can’t stand and a fantasy she can’t keep, Dezaray is struggling to see how any choice she makes will lead to a happy ending.

Book Review:

Note: I’d like to thank Ms. McPherson for sending me this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

To be Honest… I’m super happy that I requested to review this amazing book. When I watched the book trailer I was instantly in love with it… And I loved it even more now that I’ve read it.

The beginning of the book is not what you would expect… I was flipping through the pages and got a glimpse of the word school and I thought School….Boring….Meh….. but the story starts with Dezaray Storm (Main Character) being beaten up by a guy named Drake… (I was like “okaaaay abusive boyfriend…. you may proceed.”) Dezaray was punched, kicked, etc. and I thought that she’d burst and fight back at some point… But no! She let the guy beat her up good… and as the story proceeds the guy was actually her brother (her boozed up brother) who beats her up ever so often. But did those beatings stop Dezaray from working at their family business? No! She’s still working on their Steak house… that is now being managed by her brother since their parents died (Quite a tragic death…) Drake blames Dezaray for their parents death (I’d tell you but Dezaray will tell it later in the story) moving ooon….. Dezaray was always the one to close the Steak House but while locking up she noticed something peculiar  at the office. She went inside and found Tracey (Employee) Stealing form the safe… but Dezaray just let her off with a warning… The next day all the employees were gathered for a meeting regarding the mysterious disappearance of the money in the safe…(since it happened quite frequently in the past few months .)  Dezaray didn’t confess that she saw Tracey stealing. (This is the type of character you’d like to give a big blow in the head because they’re too nice.) and since she didn’t confess Tracey had had time to think of a plan and she accused Dezaray of stealing from the safe. Dezaray was taken aback but gave Tracey a strong punch on the face… anyway after that incident there was a chase between Dezaray and the police and she ended up in prison. And she had a talk with Imogen (Cellmate) regarding Portals, that appear at the park, the Coltis, Lexovia, the Last Elentrice, Counter Parts, etc. Basically every Corporeal (Human) has a Coltis counterpart and they can’t stay in the same realm/ dimension together for something bad might happen to both of them. But there is a way for both counterparts to co-exist in the same realm and that is by a pair of necklaces (which will also be explained more in the book, but if a pair of counterparts will be seen wearing the necklaces a war will be brewed for the other Corporeal and Coltis would want the necklaces as well.) moving ooon… Imogen told Dezaray that each Coltis has their own unique powers. There are the Teltreporthis (have the ability to teleport), Ochis (can alter the temperature of things), Spee’Ads (have Incredible Speed), Premoniters (have Premonitions), Fuerte’s (have Ridiculous Strength), Prevoldis (can see through objects), and another one that you’ll soon find out in the book since Imogen forgot it. And finally the Elentri can do all of those things…they can even fly… Dezaray and Lexovia crossed paths after Drake’s attempt to kill Dezaray… But since Lexovia helped Dezaray with spells… Dezaray had a narrow escape… Lexovia and her friends went to the Corporeal world to check on Dezaray… but portals have limited time in opening and closing… and when it was time for Lexovia and her friends, Milo (a Teltreporthis), Yvane and Howard (Fuerte’s) to go back to their dimension… Milo Pulled Dezaray instead of Lexovia and when they passed throught the portal the Gethamot (Device to find portals)  was cut in half when the portal closed. Lexovia and Dezaray are now living in the wrong dimensions. but after that chapter the story starts to be more and more interesting. Dezaray pretended to be the Last Elentrice (which is Lexovia, who is the one who’ll save all the Coltis from the the forces threatening them. And Lexovia pretends to be Dezaray in the Corporeal world. where she will meet Jude which they refer to as Peculiar lad, but Dezaray in the Coltis world slowly falls in love with Milo…. but the Vildacruz (Enemies) found out that the Last Elentrice is in the Corporeal realm and the Lexovia in the Coltis realm is a Corporeal pretending to be a Coltis they try to kill her. Will Dezaray and Milo be with each other? Will Lexovia be able to save the Coltis from the Vildacruz? This book will take you to places.

The Book,

I just Loved it. This book gave off a magical feel that I was really looking forward from a Fantasy book and The Book Trailer would really give you the Idea of what’ll happen in the book and it was really an amazing book trailer… it was simple yet eye catching. The Characters were amazing… I liked Milo, Lexovia, aaaaaand Jude. I swear Dezaray’s niceness would’ve killed her but at least she finally fought back by the almost end chapters but she also makes dumb decisions ever so often… makes me understand Drake a bit hahaha (never mind.) Ms. McPherson literally became creative with the world she created. the character’s Power some unique some not as useful as the other one but still quite fun and imaginative. The Plot was nice. I would’ve preferred the Characters (Milo and Dezaray) to look for the necklaces but the story was great no matter what. Dialogues were great and considering this was a Debut novel, a little improvement on the details would be great but  I’m still quite impressed with Ms. McPherson’s work. There was Romance in it with Dezaray and Milo but I thought a love Triangle would’ve been great… a love triangle with Nathaniel… (but it was not possible… what a shame hahahaha.) I would really ship Lexovia and Jude if they would be able to sort things out. (Peculiar Lad for the Win!!!) you’d get attached to the characters…. the book has more than one Tragic event… not just happily ever afters.Overall an amazing book, an amazing read. quite worth it actually and I’d love to find out what happens on book two which is “Caught in the Ripples”.

Would I Recommend This Book?

Well… Yes. a great Debut Fantasy Novel that has Magic, Love and Tragedies ain’t that a tempting combination. and also the Author was really humble she told me that if I didn’t like the book I should be nice about it. Ms. McPherson your book was Awesome. you should be proud about it.



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