Book Review: Christian and Layla by Claire Merchant


“This book will give you mixed emotions… and you’ll love every bit of it.”

 Title: Christian and Layla 

Author: Claire Merchant

Series: Stand Alone

Genre: Romance

Pages: 442

Publishing House: Pegasus Publishers

Format: Paperback

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

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Book Synopsis:

Fourteen-year-old Christian Turner starts his new life in the small town of Almanbury. Unhappy with his father’s decision to move there from South Coast, Christian’s spirits reach a new low. Just when he feels like his life is going up in smoke, he meets Layla Thomas, a bubbly schoolmate, who turns out to be the love of his life. They sweep each other off their feet. It’s the type of love that we all want to find; one that will scare us a little.
From that day, they are Christian and Layla, Layla and Christian. Inseparable, together forever… until, after years of a perfect relationship, Layla disappears from Christian’s life without a goodbye. Devastated, Christian refuses to accept that she left and struggles to move on, wanting to understand why, and hoping she will come home.
Beautiful, romantic, funny and sad, this is a story of two people who are destined to be together. But will they?

Book Review:

Note: Thank you Pegasus Publishers for letting me review this wonderful book.

So happy to give another 5 star rating  to a wonderful book

The story kicks off with the 14-year old Christian Turner being transferred to the small town of Almanbury. he was then enrolled to Almanbury Senior High or as they call it ASH. They moved there from South Coast since Christian’s Father got a job in Almanbury. as Christian went to his first day at school he saw the LOVE OF HIS LIFE, literally. when he saw Layla Thomas he knew that she was the girl that he’ll marry and have kids with. Layla Thomas was almost the same age as Christian but they only differ in months, technically they’re the same age. She has this hobby of taking pictures amd when they first saw each other she had taken tons of pictures of Christian. When they introduced themselves and they were properly acquainted, Layla was tasked to give Christian a tour in their little town, Layla was more than happy to do it since it gave them the time to be with each other… Alone. Christian wasn’t wasting time and asked Layla to be his girlfriend the first day they met, Layla was not surprised at all since she also thought that Christian was also the LOVE OF HER LIFE, and they had their first kiss on a wall somewhere in Almanbury. The story will just literally revolve on Christian and Layla (obviously), the story will proceed on showing their anniversary and other lovey-dovey stuff. you’ll think it’s a bit boring but their love story is surprisingly  humorous. and after four years of being boyfriend and girlfriend nobody in Almanbury even thought that they’d last that long and Christian and Layla was there to prove them wrong. at 18 years old Layla an Christian was still madly in love with each other and Christian can’t hold it in, so he Proposed to Layla and Layla was more than happy to say YES! (well more or less you’d expect a wedding but they’re 18 years old. sooo….. ok moving ooon) Everything was set with the help of Christian and  Layla’s Parents. And since Almanbury was such a small towns everybody knows  each other and the news spreads like wild fire. and everybody was excited to see the couple finally get married. Christian went to Layla’s room to remind her that they have to go in a bit for their rehearsal dinner. and Layla was happily curling her hair telling Christian that she’ll be there in a bit. after 45 minutes. Christian was quite concerned since Layla Didn’t show up, and asked Henry (Layla’s dad) to go check on her, and when he came back to the venue he was alone and only had a ring and a note from Layla where it says she CAN’T do it, and that is where the problem rises, Christian can’t cope up of Layla’s disappearance and stayed in her room….waiting….hoping….that she’ll come back, to make matters worse..his mom had cancer and only had a few months left to live and he was disappointed because he wasn’t there for her before they told him about it. Now it has been 4 years and Christian was slowly doing well and now going to college in South Coast, he works at Montage as it pays the bills. and now he was walking with clothes in his hands and collided with someone and when they both picked it up…..what a surprise it was Layla.

Everybody deserves a second chance but will Christian forgive Layla for leaving him?

The Book,

It was exquisite, amazing, wonderful, etc., the story was Magnificent, the Dialogues were quite nice. The Characters were delightful, The way Ms. Claire (Author) expressed each character’s emotions (well more of Christian and Layla’s)  was so heart Warming, there was a great mixture of happiness, sadness, and many more. this book got me intrigued from the beginning it made me think, “What would make this book interesting considering that the main Characters in the story seem to have no problems what so ever.” (well besides Christian’s father disapproving Layla for Christian) it just has so much positive elements in it , to be honest though I found some errors like words sticking together but considering that this was really made nicely I let it slip. you would really wonder if you’d find your very own Christian or Layla that’d love you unconditionally. it was like a wonderful roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs, TWIST and TURNS. I almost cried on Layla’s Revelations in the ed chapters.


YES! this was such a lovely story that makes your heart flutter and this book will tap your curiosity. and well you’ll have to find out if love is stronger than fear.


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