Book Review: Rum Luck by Ryan Aldred


Title: Rum Luck 
Series: The Bar on A Beach Mysteries (#1)

Genre: Murder Mystery, Thriller

Pages: 258

Format: HardCover

Publisher: Five Star Publishing

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

Sand. Monkeys. Murder.

Ben Cooper was supposed to be off on his Pacific honeymoon. Not waking up in a Costa Rican prison cell with no memory of the night before.

Then again, Ben never thought he would catch his fiancée with some clown—literally. Or that his friend Miguel would drag him to the surf paradise of Tamarindo before Aunt Mildred could ask why they cancelled the open bar reception.

But surely his friend and lawyer Victoria didn’t need to fly down from Toronto overnight. After all, the police would let him go once he sobered up and paid his fine. Right?

Except for the little matter of a murder. And Ben’s buying a beachside bar from the victim, hours before the man’s death.

With foreclosure looming and death threats piling up on the rum-soaked bar, Ben and his friends must must turn to the wild idea that got them into this mess—building a business around those who’ve always wanted to run their own bar on a beach somewhere, even for just a week.

But to survive, they’ll need every skill at their disposal—including those they’d rather forget they have.

Book Review:


The story kicks off with Ben waking up in a prison cell in Costa Rica, with the worst headache of his life. Good thing his friend Miguel called Victoria ( a Lawyer and also a close friend of Ben and Miguel) she flew from Toronto to Costa Rica to handle Ben’s Case. Ben thought that he was imprisoned because of his…..drunkness. But..No! he was imprisoned because he was a suspect in the murder of Antonio Gutierrez, the owner of the Bar on the Beach. Victoria handled every situation with ease. Officer Reyes showed some evidences from the…….well…. Evidence Bag. And what caught Victoria’s attention was the piece of paper in it. a Blood stained paper with Ben’s signature in the bottom. And without anyone noticing Victoria took a photo of the paper. when they went to a restaurant and ordered some food. Victoria showed the photo to Ben and Miguel to see if they recognise it. Ben was too drunk that night to remember but When Miguel saw it he was in shock. Miguel told them that it was the deed to the Bar on the Beach. Ben froze to his seat and thought, where’d he get 60 grand to pay for the bar. It turned out that he used his shared account with his Ex-Fiance and her parents. Since Ben can’t leave Tamarindo he tried reopening the bar after it was announced clear by the police. Ben was not  of any sort of help at first but got the hang of it after a while. Everything went well, he still hired the past employees Antonio had. But sometime after the bar reopened, Ana ( the Bartender and Niece of the late Antonio) found a Letter on the bar table… was a death threat. Victoria had her suspicions with Ana, because Ana didn’t really show any signs of sadness after her uncle died. Is Ana really innocent or is she the Murderer?

Ben on the other hand kept thinking about the phone call of an Ad company about the Ad that Antonio wanted to be published, it was an Ad for a new Busboy, Ben thought why would Antonio want to fire Luis(Current  Busboy), He seems to Follow every order given to him, also considers himself a FASHIONISTA. But has debts. Was that enough to prove how desperate Luis wants to pay off his debts?  Was he that desperate that he had to kill his employer to steal money from him? Or did he kill his employer because he knew that he will be fired sooner or later? is Luis the Murder?

But the Drug dealer that Ben found in his Bar doing “Business” had some unclear information on what the Murderer was wearing the night of the Murder. He was wearing……a……..CAPE?….(Seriously a Murderer wearing a cape?!)  Yes. a Cape. said the drug dealer. Who would’ve killed Antonio that had a Cape?!

Who could be the Murderer?


So. Let’s talk about the book itself. it was AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! I’m so glad that I accepted this book review offer. This book has an Awesome plot. You can’t put it down until you finish it. It has parts that’d make you laugh ( since it has some lines and conversations that is humorous) and make you wonder what will happen next. The Dialogues were great, The locations in the book isn’t that complicated to describe. the author just puts a few details in the surroundings and you just get what he means. The Characters ohhhh the Characters….. Victoria Got me big time her character was great all you can think of was she’s smart and stuff and nothing more but NO! she has more hidden talents that she didn’t share to Ben and Miguel. This book will really give you a summery feel because it is based on a Bar in a beach and  the Author really put some great thoughts in making this book. from begging to the End I was Super curious who did it( Murdered). I had some idea of who did it but I kept it in until I’ve confirmed it but oh God this book really took me to places. it was super easy to read. No complicated words…. besides the Spanish parts everything is fine. I finished this book in two or three days. it was to hard for me not to read it till the end. Over all this book really deserves the 5 stars that I gave it.


Yes. If you like Murder Mysteries like me. This book is HEEEEEAAAAAAAAVVVVVEEEEEEENNNNNNNN~~~~~ It has its fair twist and turns has great Humor in it. and will make you think really hard who committed the murder. It just has sooo many good points. I don’t see any flaws in it. This book is just awesome. Also this book is line for my Favourite book of the Year.


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