Book Review: The Moorigad Dragon by Debra Kristi


Series: Age of the Hybrid (#1)

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal

Pages: 127

Format: Paperback (Complete Age of the Hybrid Series)

Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

Saving a life shouldn’t come with so many complications.

Saving Marcus’s life should’ve qualified as a good deed. Except, that’s not why Kyra saves him. She’s pulled to the deed by something supernatural. But then Marcus sees Kyra’s hybrid dragon and she finds herself bound to protect him. A bond already causing tension between Kyra and her best friend, Sebastian. Only, Kyra will find it is not easy defying Death. Yet, she is determined―even at the cost of her own life.

Bad things happen in the blink of an eye.

Sebastian has built his life around his tarot cards, more so since taking refuge at Mystic’s Magical Carnival. Trying to include Kyra in that part of his life goes all wrong. Now Kyra’s interest in Marcus stands between Sebastian and Kyra, and places Kyra in emanate danger. Sebastian needs to make her see, needs to steer her away from Marcus, needs to save her from the consequences of her decisions before it’s too late. If he needs to, Sebastian will bare his most guarded secrets to protect her.


Slip through the portal and get lost in the extraordinary fantasy world known as the Mystic Carnival Collective. This is one within a group of short stories, novelettes, and novellas with one thing in common―a connection to the supernatural location, Mystic’s Carnival. Is it a carnival or a circus? Maybe it’s a melding of both.

Book Review: 


A four star book review is never a bad book… really. it just seems to have some factors lacking in it and also this book has a series and I’m looking forward to what happens in the next two books. so before I tell you why I gave the book a four star rating I’ll talk about what happens in the begging of the book.

You’ll be acquainted with the Main character, Kyra and she’s at a store staring at some beef jerky…..and she is starving… and the dragon inside her is going crazy (like she has an inner dragon that is hidden inside her fleshy body) and because it seems that the dragon inside her had won, she ended up stealing the beef jerky from the store and the owner called the cops to chase her down and that’s what the cops did. She ran like hell and ended up in an alley, a Dead end with tons of Graffiti and also a Peculiar graffiti of a Carnival. The cops caught up to her and she is now cornered. But when she leaned near the wall, She passed through it and was welcomed in the Carnival by Zeke. She found out that she was at the Mystic Carnival where “Her Kind” belonged, and Zeke asked Sebastian to give Kyra a tour around the Carnival. And after the tour they became Best Friends (Ha!…….Best Friends……As If) and After a while Kyra and Sebastian went to the human world to talk, and for Sebastian to tell Kyra his Secret. When Sebastian was about to tell Kyra his secret there was a Brawl on the Bridge. Kyra didn’t know what has got into her but after the guy was thrown out the Bridge and into the lake to drown. Kyra went down to the water and Released her Dragon. (Partially) Kyra was a Different Kind of Dragon She wasn’t a Fire Dragon like her Father, nor a Water Serpent like her Mother. She was Both. A Moorigad Dragon as to what she says. and when she released part of her dragon self to save the unknown man from drowning Sebastian was….let’s say he got confused…(*cough*) Jealous…. The unknown man was alive and Kyra brought him back to the Mystic Carnival and got him some dry clothes from her next door neighbour. When everything was settled Kyra left the now known man by the name of Marcus, in her trailer to rest. So Kyra went to do her act in the carnival. After her act Kyra saw Chelsea ( The girl who likes Sebastian) who was looking for….well…..Sebastian. And Since Kyra still thinks that she doesn’t feel anything for Sebastian she tried to be a Matchmaker and kept on trying to make Sebastian go with Chelsea. And then some time after that happened Kyra saw Smoke; Smoke that’s probably made by a Fire; Smoke that is coming from where her trailer is. So Kyra ran as fast as she could to see what’s happening and then saw her Trailer on Fire with Marcus in it. Kyra did her best to release Marcus from the Blazing trailer but there is Magic Hindering her from doing so. and it was Higgins who rescued Marcus with a Big Yellow Backhoe, After saving Marcus. Kyra was curious as to where Higgins got the Backhoe which she never saw in her entire stay in the Mystic Carnival and how he knew that they were in trouble. The only thing Higgins said was that he Sensed it. Marcus wasn’t hurt that much and thanked Kyra for saving his life yet again. Kyra on the other hand felt something weird, ever since Marcus came. To Kyra, Marcus had this irresistible smell, a smell only Male dragons  can produce when they were mating…..Serpicose (is like an Incense that attracts Female Dragons)…. but Kyra wasn’t sure he was one so she was still observing him carefully….Moving on. Kyra wanted to know what will happen to her in the future. So she persuaded Sebastian to read Tarots for her. After she shuffled and cut the cards when it was time to read the cards Sebastian saw……Death. not to Kyra but to Marcus. And by this point Serpicose is getting the best of her and she was in desperate need to find a way to save Marcus….she can only think of Marcus. She ended up asking for help from Zeke and Higgins and they helped her to get the magic she needed and when Kyra went on a so called date with Marcus and friends she saw Death and was trying to protect Marcus and ended up in the Purgatory ( You know what happened haha….you know Purgatory….Death….) and here is the best parts of the book… will Kyra be able to escape the Purgatory safely or end up as Dragon food? will She and Sebastian find out what they really something for each other ? and will Death be successful in taking the Life of Marcus? Oh! so many twist and turns.

The Book, The Moorigad Dragon is the first book in the series I liked the plot, the portala nd stuff, the way the characters developed from somewhat weak and useless to a oh my God he was only pretending to be that kind of character feeling. so why I gave a 4 star rating. the book is good and all plot was great but it is more of a book where you just establish how the plot starts so you start with how this characters meet and what happens after. you show what happens in this particular part what is the Mystic Carnival about. what kind of Dragon is a Moorigad Dragon. I must say the begging of the book had a fair amount of action in it but like most of the books I’v read the most action packed part of the book is near the end of the book. So you’d be feeling…it could’ve been better. I like book series where the author makes each book seem like a stand alone but still amkes you look forward to what happens in the next book. but besides those things this book is quite satisfying considering it is the first book in the series. So the Characters I like was obviously the main ones. Kyra’s Ability to change into her Morrigad Dragon and I particularlly like how Sebastian’s Tatoo changes depending on what or who’s in the Purgatory ( You’ll get me in this one once you read the book) and also the character where he helped Kyra and ended up D-E-A-D like whyyyyy!!!!! It was really sweet and I loved every bit of that part of the book. Books that makes me feel stuff (Happy, Pissed, etc.) is always good. The last chapters really got my Fancy. Overall the book has Great Dialogues, Characters with numb feelings, it wasn’t written sloppily. and I loved it. I’m taking a break from fantasy books and start reading some Murder Mystery Books Next.


YES!Ms.Debra Kristi knows her stuff she made this book fun and had some really great twist and turns in it you’d enjoy it the minute you start reading it.


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