Book Review: His Precious Diamond by Pixie Emslie


Series: No Series

Genre: Modern Contemporary

Pages: 212

Publishing House: Pegasus Publishers

Format: Paperback

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Review Also Posted On: Goodreads

Book Synopsis:

Natasha has everything. She is World Famous as a Model and is the proud mother of young Jenna. She doesn’t need this modelling assignment, but it is a chance to return to her glorious homeland of South Africa and see her parents and her child in their care. It is going to be PERFECT. All she has to do is wear the most Dazzling Jewellery in the World… and meet the man who owns them. SIMPLE…

Book Review:


A four-star book review. Still quite a good book, but I have teeny tiny issues with it. I’ll tell you the issues in a bit.

Natasha is a World Famous model who recently had a modelling assignment. She wasn’t really going to accept the assignment, the only thing that changed her mind about the assignment was the location. Which was her hometown  in South Africa. Where her parents and daughter are living. Natasha was chosen to Model the Millennium Collection of Jed Lawson. A name that Natasha hoped to never hear again. (Flashbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack~) Natasha was a newbie in the modelling industry doing modelling assignments. after a while went to a bar and saw the guy that got her attention, Jed. She was warned by her friend that Jed Lawson The Billionaire Playboy didn’t do SERIOUS relationships (AAAAnd before you say. “OMG this is from Wattpad!!” and stuff, let me stop you there. Shhhh…. Sh… Sh…..  No it’s not, Authors have different story lines and the Billionaire Playboy stuff is kind of Mainstream but this book is different, well somehow different).So basically what happened was The Billionaire Playboy noticed the The Model(Newbie), The Model got seriously attracted to The Billionaire Playboy, took the risk, had a one night stand (details were not as intense as Fifty Shades of Grey so it’s fine), woke up alone with only a letter that says “THANKS”. Natasha was Furious, Embarrassed, Ashamed, etc. After a few months she found out that she was pregnant. Decided to keep the baby but also decided to keep the baby’s father a secret. (End of Flashback) Jed knew that Natasha would model his Millennium Collection. and that’s the end of his plan he didn’t have a well thought out plan. Jed was about to put the necklace to Natasha’s… well..neck, but on the process Jed Decided Natasha was TOO BEAUTIFUL to model the Jewellery, but his action came out as she was too plain and basic to model it. So instead of Natasha, Jed chose Thea (Natasha’s Manager) to Model the Jewellery. Thea put up a fight with Jed insisting that there is no other model that is better than Natasha, and then she ended up being the one to model the jewellery…. Moving on…. Natasha felt annoyed with what just happened and went back to her home in the farm, but the Billionaire had to find her, he had to. For her to Model the Millennium Collection and to apologise to her for his rude actions. So he used his private Helicopter (Ha! Helicopter….Billionaire….Figures). Jed found Natasha but he also saw her Daughter. he was infuriated on who was the father of little Jenna. he thought who could be so stupid to leave beautiful Natasha and her daughter all by themselves.(Ha! stupid Billionaire) More or less this Modern Contemporary book is about how The Billionaire, Jed Lawson finds out that Jenna is his LOVE CHILD. how Paranoid Natasha was cause she thought if Jed found out that Jenna was his daughter he’ll take Jenna away from her. And a Seriously jealous Manager Named Dorothea(Thea) tries to get Jed. Like hell no. this book really made me hate this Dorothea chick.

Anyway, THE BOOK. The Book was seriously good, No Joke. it was really easy to read and I was really looking forward to reading a contemporary book and here it is. So why give 4-stars instead of 5-stars? well First one is that the book could have been longer, I wanted to know more about what happens after the ending. Like what would Jenna’s life be after the ending, will Natasha pull Dorothea’s hair till the end of time (You’ll get me if you read this book).  Second, is the Transition from  Natasha’s Point of view to Jed’s Point of View is not really that good. for example,  I’ll be reading Natasha’s POV and I will suddenly stop half way because I m now reading Jed’s POV without realising it. Now that I’m done with those issues let’s go to the positive ones, The book’s Dialogues were really good, I like the book gives serious details from Jewellery to Cars even the songs played in this book is very specific. fun, cute, frustrating at some point but frustrating in a good way. Overall a good 4-stars book.


Yes! if you want to read an easy to get into modern contemporary book then here it is. this is what I believe is the first contemporary book that Ms. Pixie wrote.(I think) quite good for a first timer in writing a contemporary books.


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