Book Review: Kallum’s Fury by E. Michael Mettille (Mike Reynolds)


Series: Lake of Dragons (#2)

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure

Pages: 275 


Rating: 5 stars

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Book Synopsis: 

Five summers have passed since Maelich and Cialia bested Kallum over the Forgotten Forest and scattered the god to the wind. Ouloos is entering an era of peace like none the world has ever known. Or is it?

Tragedy strikes. Ymitoth is killed at the hands of dead-eyed men bearing an uncanny resemblance to Kallum’s priests. The loss proves too great for Maelich to cope. His sanity slips and he vanishes.

Cialia embarks on a quest to find her lost brother. Along the way she learns her former city, Druindahl, has entered a period of darkness. The people she once protected are at the mercy of mercenaries interested only in coin and presided over by a king powerless to stop them. The cruelty she finds in the hearts of these horrible, false riders of Druindahl is more than she can stand. She finds her flame. The aftermath challenges the very core of her moral beliefs.

Meanwhile, war threatens the shores west of Havenstahl. Without the city’s two greatest heroes to protect her, one man must stand up and lead the armies of the greatest city of men against an unstoppable force of monsters from across the Great Sea. Riddled with uncertainty, Daritus must stand tall against overwhelming self-doubt and lead his soldiers into a war more perilous than any in Havenstahl’s history. Ouloos will never be the same.

Book Review:


I really like how I get to choose good books to review(haha). another 5 star book, now a Fantasy novel since almost all the books I reviewed were Murder Mysteries, It’s good to read a new book genre. I’ll tell you why it deserves a 5 star rating in a moment.

Kallum’s Fury is the SECOND book in the lake of dragons series. (Yeah Dumb me chose to Review Book two since I fell in love with the book cover the first time I saw it on Twitter. and I know for a fact that you’d do the same, well if there’s a book with a pretty cover you’ll buy it.) The story starts with Ymitoth the king of Havenstahl going to the forest and ended up being attacked by three dead-eyed men, and even though he was king and an exceptional warrior he didn’t stand a chance against the dead-eyed men who regenerates every time they get attacked. the mighty king of Havenstahl was bought to the kingdom and was being treated by Hagen. after that part you will meet Cialia  and Maelich. Cialia went to fetch Maelich in the Sobbing Forest, Where Maelich was telling a story to the trees about how he defeated Kallum (Probably how he defeated him in Book 1 , I have noooo Idea how he killed Kallum but he Killed him.)… and Yes he was talking to trees. After Cialia told Maelich about their father’s Condition he went to Havenstahl immediately and when Maelich arrived he was too late. And because Maelich can’t cope up with his father’s death he stole the corpse went to the hut they used to live in and because Maelich was practically a God after he defeated Kallum he revived his father, which became a dead-eyed vessel ( a walking/ talking\soulless vessel) After Maelich (The heir to the throne) Disappeared with the king’s corpse. Cialia went on a Journey to the  Lake, Where she will speak with the Dragons, after she arrived and talked to the dragons, they didn’t really give the answer she was hoping for  so she stayed in the lake for a little while. On the span of time that the twins (Maelich & Cialia) were gone, Maelich’s wife Perrin was giving birth to to their son and after giving birth, Monsters attacked the kingdom and killed everyone in their path, even Perrin’s parents and when she was trying to escape with her son the three dead-eyed men, Kidnapped the little prince and Perrin was left to lie on the ground with nothing but a burned faced to remind her of her son (Since her son also has the same gift as his father, The Dragons Fire. the baby was in flames unharmed except Perrin). Going back to the Missing Heir, Maelich was living with his dead-eyed father in the hut, where he controlled every movement that the vessel of his father did. But soon he finds out that the vessel started to move and speak on its own. After a while Maelich had a dream with a white horse, a White horse that told him to embark on an Adventure and If he finishes the Adventure or not is the question that’ll linger in your mind. Cialia on the other hand went to Druindal (a Kingdom) and Finally FINDS her FLAME and as to what she’ll do to the useless King of Druindal and his impure guards, will  be something you’ll look forward to finding out. and Finally, will Daritus be successful in defending Havenstahl in the absence of the kingdom’s two Champions, You’ll have to find out for yourself.

THE BOOK, Kallum’s Fury has three events where the story revolves in. First is the Adventure Maelich embarked in,  Second Cialia’s Adventure to the Lake and to Druindal and how she finally found her FLAME and the Third one is the War in Havenstahl. This is one of the books where the Characters name are quite hard to pronounce and when I read I take time to find out how to pronounce that name. Even the Places in this book had Unique names. in the story you’ll find out more about what they’re talking about, It’s quite OK to read it as a stand alone even if it is the second book of the series. The dialogues where great, the characters have Unique Characteristics, A really well thought out book. And for me though the last chapters of the book really got to me, I wasn’t expecting that ending though, while going through the book I kept on waiting for a Certain character to make the Title of the book more Understandable, well in the war though the Title was inserted there. but the Character itself wasn’t really there like Oh! God! you need to read the book to find out what I’m talking about. Going through the Characters MAelich had this Dream part in the book. ( And I swear it had a little hint of Alice in Wonderland in it and I loved it). Maelich’s Adventure was filled with Heroism  and Deception. Cialia had this Character development where even her Loved ones didn’t even recognise her anymore, they couldn’t find the Sweet Innocent Girl she used to be after finding her FLAME. and the war with the Army of Brerto ( The God who can shapeshift into a Tiger) and the Men of Havenstahl was something you’ll find in a usual war in a book but the edge of this one was that mortals were fighting alongside Gods. Overall a Very Very Good Fantasy Novel, make me Super Excited on what will happen  to the little prince in Book three and if a Certain person decides to go home(or remembers to go home for that matter). makes me really happy that I was hooked in reading this book for days and only stoppped reading it because of certain school work that needs to be done. any way A GREAT READ.


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Oh My God! Yes! I like how hard to pronounce the characters names were.  and the plot was really good. three different events but you won’t be confused on the transition of each events.and if you like Fantasy Novels. and well Dragons, Fire, Monsters. This is the book for you.



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