Book Blog


Hello everyone!!! So I decided to add this to my Blog and this would be called Book Blog. This is where I will post about my

📚 Book Mail

📚 Book Photos (well the ones I particularly liked)

📚 New Books Post

📚 Book Haul

📚 Book Wrap Up (still not sure but I’ll try)

📚 And basically any other things that pops in my mind. (Well things that are relevant here.)

So it’s just like Bookstagram where I post pictures and stuff. But it has more detail. I’ll keep these a bit long if I can. Book Mails probably add some thoughts about the book. And the synopsis so you’d get what I’m babbling about.

Blog posts about my life I’m not sure though. Maybe on the ‘ABOUT’ part of the blog I made a ‘KENCHI’ tab so I’ll post about myself and stuff there.


Posting more stuff soon. When July 11, 12 and 13 ends I’ll try to post more. since my Exams are on those dates.

Can’t wait to post more stuff on my blog. Hope you keep updated.


Have an Awesome Day




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