Hello again, and Welcome to my blog. I post book reviews and author interviews. For book reviews I just give you a short description of what happens or what you should expect from the book and I’ll give my thoughts about the book as well so you’ll find out if you’ll be interested in reading the book or not. For the Author interview part of the blog I only interview Authors that I like talk to on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. There are tons of really nice authors out there don’t be afraid to explore. It is quite fun to do Blogs, Bookstagram and stuff. hope you like my blog. I’m always happy to hear about what you think about my blog, bookstagram or other things I post. at the moment the blog is still a working progress but it is coming together pretty neatly.


Hello. I’m always happy to find new authors and talk to them. I can share my thoughts bout their book and we become friends hope we can also be friends. I usually talk to authors on twitter. but I also talk to them on Instagram so any way will do. and also. I’m complete sucker for physical copies of books. If you want me to review your books please Email me and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy Kenchi’s Book Review blog and if you have anything to say or any concerns regarding the blog you can always contact Kenchi.